This is a 25 minute meditation that goes into the meaning behind the title - Undoing.Agency. What is the invitation here? And why is this different to other kinds of mindfulness you might have encountered? What's the added flavour here?

“”Going deep within, like diving in the ocean and then surfacing and sharing the learning with the others. It goes beyond a mindfulness practice, it becomes a collective healing experience”. 


Every Thursday at 10:00 AM  BST

Join us on Zoom for 60 minutes of guided mindfulness to help you find deep peace to start your day.
Just click the button and wait to be let in.

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Listen to a recorded meditation

Some of the drop in sessions have been recorded and you can listen to them here. 

Together in a specific sequence they constitute the Undoing Agency programme that is only available through this website. 

This unique course that comprises online sessions and these guided meditations help us to fall in love with what is.

Join a course to learn or deepen your practice

We offer online mindfulness courses to suit diverse needs and at affordable rates.  While upcoming courses are advertised here we also offer bespoke training for all kinds of organisation.

In all instances we apply mindfulness creatively so that the experience is fun and immersive and the learning is experiential and participatory.

Upcoming Courses

Playing with the Present

60-90minutes/week x 8

Playing with the Present is a new mindfulness curriculum in development by Theatr Cynefin. Aimed at ages 11-18 it is guided by the principles of creative, participatory and experiential learning.

The program works with Prof. Richard Davidson’s Emotional Styles and in particular the ‘four pillars of well-being’. – Attention, Outlook, Resilience and Generosity.

Students are introduced to mindfulness techniques that help strengthen the neural networks related to these styles in the brain: circuits that also map on to the four different kinds of meditation – concentration meditation, loving-kindness, open awareness and compassion meditation.

Finding Calm in a Frantic World

online 90 minutes/week x 8

This course is based on the most popular and least intensive curriculum, which is itself based on the most read book about mindfulness ‘Mindfulness: Finding Peace in a Frantic World’ by Mark Williams and Danny Penman.  This makes it a good starting point for those who are looking to improve their mental health and well-being.

Of course, you can follow the book and do the practices by yourself and learn the basics of mindfulness.  Doing so along with a group and an experienced online facilitator might give you a better chance of making the most of what mindfulness can offer.

Undoing Agency

ONLINE 60 minutes/day x 10 weeks

This unique 10 week online course teaches mindfulness for deep rest.  Almost all other courses teach mindfulness through one 90 minute session a week with home practice in between sessions.  Undoing Agency is a course that is taught through 60 minute sessions every day for 10 weeks!  This supports participants to sink into the practice together as a group, to share insights and to make the most of the teaching.  Courses run regularly throughout the year.

Live and livestream events

Occasionally Undoing Agency hosts live events, either online or in person. We will advertise these as they occur.