My mission..

” …is to facilitate a creative movement for awareness of the creative movement of awareness.”

My name is Iwan Brioc and Undoing.Agency is a project to explore creative ways of turning towards the mystery that is at the centre of everything…and also at the edges, and the space in between.


I don’t pretend in any way to have answers to share in relation to this mystery but I do have some experience of navigating a path towards it through many years of inquiry.

I am…

…just very blessed to have been able to explore throughout my life many different disciplines and traditions of meditation and mindfulness.  I don’t claim to be a master of any and there is no authority here claiming to know anything.  

My main work is applied and immersive theatre and the methodology I developed called Context Oriented Arts.  A component of my workshops has always been settling groups into the stillness where we can feel together this sense of being alive.

With the pandemic making it impossible to do workshops in person I began to explore what was possible through online meetings.  When we sit and close our eyes in front of that screen distance disappears and there is only presence.

spiritual fair
on grief
meditation is boring

Favourite quotes

I collect here some of my favourite quotes from those who have, in undoing agency, surrendered into flow.

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