Guided Meditation

In March 2020, when the lockdown due to the pandemic started, I was asked to offer weekly drop in mindfulness sessions to the general public.  Each thursday morning over the year I was joined online by a few regular and enthusiastic participants.  With infinite patience they allowed me to go beyond the usual mindfulness meditations and draw upon a less formal lineage of inspiration to guide them on journeys in body and mind.  These improvised guided meditations are collected here and the list grows as their patience with me endures.  You can listen to some here which have been uploaded to youtube, others are available to download.

The Markov Blanket

Gently Moving the little ball of anxiety

There"s a Crack in Everything

The Sense of Being Alive

The Four Pillars

What if all there is is this?


20 Minute Meditations

40 Minute Meditations