What if…all there is…is this?


One-Day CoArts Workshop with Iwan Brioc and guest non-duality speaker Rebekah Maroon. “You are invited to take the risk of falling awake to the miracle of being alive.” Early Bird discount if you book your ticket before 30th November 2021

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Early Bird discount if you book your ticket before 30th November 2021

CoArts is short for Context Oriented Arts, which is best explained as a way of using aesthetic or artistic practices to orient towards context – that which is experiencing, rather than that which is experienced. Awareness itself rather than the content of awareness.

A CoArts workshop applies creative, dynamic and dialogic processes to exploring the question “What if all there is, is this?” ‘This’ being whatever is happening inwardly and outwardly. Secondly, what if all that is happening is not happening to anyone? i.e. experience is not personal. It only appears so to a person who has as much substance as a character in a play.

So this workshop is for anyone who is interested in the participatory arts as a vehicle for transformation. It also serves as a taster for longer and more intense training – such as the three day – ‘The Art of Looking at Ourselves’ and the 14 day “Connecting Matter, Energy and Meaning.”

Iwan Brioc is the originator of CoArts and has been working with the boundary between Mindfulness and Applied Theatre for thirty years. He has learnt at the feet of some of the greatest teachers in theatre and spirituality of the last and current century – Jiddu Krishnamurti, David Bohm, Augusto Boal, Enrique Vargas, Tony Parsons and Lisa Cairns. And through their influence has stumbled upon a unique and joyful approach to liberation from the illusion of separation.

He has never claimed to be liberated from this illusion himself. Rather than be the conduit personally to this realisation, his teaching is to facilitate groups towards context, bringing about a democratic space whereby the group itself becomes the conduit. He has academic qualifications in Mindfulness (MA), Social Psychology and Dramatherapy and is also a Chi Kung teacher and is artistic director of Theatr Cynefin, where you can click to find out more about CoArts.

Rebekah Maroon is a non-duality speaker and author whose free weekly youtube livestreams are praised for their crystal clear pointing towards the inexpressible wonder that is this.

She has spent time with various teachers, the most influential of which
were Lisa Cairns , Tony Parsons, Mooji, and Eckhart Tolle.

She has given live talks in India, Vienna, Ibiza, Belgium, UK, and Romania, and has written two books, the first being “This is God” and the second titled, “This is Love”

Rebekah expresses a non-personal switch over, based around an energetic dissolving of the attachment to thoughts, and how the human animal, freed from this seeking to find happiness in experience, is now free to be simply what it is.

The discovery of this, she confirms and proclaims, is true love & happiness.

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