ZOOM Session

As support for people during this difficult time, we have been offering mindfulness drop-in sessions since the pandemic started in 2020.  We will continue to offer them into 2021 free of charge.

Donations are, of course, gratefully received.

You don’t need to have had any mindfulness experience or meditation practice, beginners mind is a welcome attribute.

You are not asked to divulge any personal information and the purpose of the sessions is not to offer therapy  Rather it is simply to share together as a group some moments of deep peace.

Since the sessions are open we take for granted that participants show mutual respect, but cannot guarantee that we might sometimes need to remove interlopers!  It is the nature of being open to all.

There is no obligation to attend every session each week or to attend any at all after you’ve tried your first.  But please don’t expect to feel able to tune in to the practice very quickly.  Your first session will be 100% new, and such scenarios can inhibit one’s capacity to completely let go into the practice.  Perhaps you will need to attend a few before making judgments.



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ZOOM Session